Peace of Mind by Having Chaos Organised

Digital knowledge library for Simple Data Governance in Life Sciences and Financial industries during Transformation projects, especially improving AI accuracy more easily.


More Deep Focus. Less Overwhelmed.

Simply using BeesWall which ignites our intuitive capabilities to find team information, you will feel inconsciously less stressed and without effort you and your team gain time and are more productive.

Secure & Easy Access to Information


Avoid being fatigued, depressed with information overload


Restore trust with customers or auditors to supply the right data in no time


Maximize value for merger of teams to enhance customer experience and have happier employees


Reduce risks of data breaches, weaknesses in data storage and access

About Us

Helping Stay Well and Save Time.

“Bees” came from a former Global Customer Support teammate (MK) who associated our knowledge transfer work with the bees flying fast through the hive. “Wall” represents the visualization where all team information is located. BeesWall® does not change the system. It does not change the users’ preferences on how to store information. It simply shows the information in an organized and structured manner allowing the user to find the needed information fast and easily. Like a bee finding its way through the bee hive, BeesWall® steers the user to the needed information. Elegant, fast, and with ease. Through BeesWall®, we can really stay focused, be more efficient on projects and dedicate now more time to what matters to us.

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BeesWall® Your Library

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Unlock 140h Extra per Year
CHF 28 Monthly per user
  • Every FREE features
  • Unlimited number of Walls
  • Share Walls
  • Buy Yearly & Save 20%


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  • Custom integration
  • On-Premises or Cloud
  • Web browser (soon)

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Questions. We have the answers.

BeesWall is a digital knowledge library and displays the folder hierarchical architecture in an simple and intuitive view
BeesWall is just an overlay or a coating on your existing data. For our Windows desktop version your data stays where it belongs. If you move it to another location already synchronized with BeesWall, BeesWall shows your data in your new location.
All comments or pictures are stored on BeesWall database stored locally on your PC for the Windows desktop version.
BeesWall desktop is available on Microsoft Store or can be dowloaded from your email box when click on dowload in Once registered on, you can get automatically a BeesWall Free licence.

The pricing is based on the time you saved by using BeesWall. A McKinsey report estimated 25% of a knowledge worked is wasted in searching, governing and preparing data. We estimated 50% of this time can addressed where BeesWall saves 66% of time according to the research made by the University of Sheffield and Tel-Aviv.

 This can be validated after implementation. 

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